Ministry Update – June, 2017

Dear friends, family and supporters,

Summer is almost here, and with it come many changes. The grass is beginning to grow again, the flowers are blooming and the spring rains have brought new life to the earth. In the area where we live, the corn is beginning to sprout in the fields.

Our summer is also bringing important changes to our family. David Jeremiah, our oldest son, moved to Michigan a few weeks ago, so that he can work this summer and earn money for college. He plans on moving into the dorms at Western Michigan University by the end of August and will be studying aeronautical engineering.

Our second son, Daniel, will be graduating from high school on June 13, and then heading to Portland Bible College the following week to work there this summer, after which he will begin studying a degree in theology in preparation for ministry. Suddenly, our house will be a bit more quiet and empty! We will miss our boys (and Anna will miss her brothers). However, we know that each one of our children must go forward and prepare for their own life calling.

Seasons change and growing up is a part of life. Now that we are talking about seasons, please have a look at some the activities that we have been a part of during this spring season.

Remodeling our auditorium

In the month of April, we had our church auditorium painted and redecorated. It had been several years since the last paint job, and it was in great need of being redone.

We put one of the couples of our church in charge of the decoration, including colors and design. Luis and Jazmin did a wonderful job of coordinating colors, choosing cloth for the ceiling space, and giving the platform a whole new look. We also had the concrete floor repainted. Have a look!

Veggietales in the village of Tlapanaloya

April 30 is Children’s Day in Mexico, and we celebrated by taking our children’s church team to do evangelism in the village of Tlapanaloya, in the state of Mexico, which is a little over an hour driving distance from here. Our team created their own Veggietales costumes of Bob, Larry, Laura and Jimmy. We have some very creative people who worked many long hours to get the costumes ready.

Saturday, April 29, we all headed to the small town of Tlapanaloya to invite the children to the local church for the celebration. Banging of drums, several groups marched around the town passing out invitations and talking with the neighbors.

Our group did a cute sketch with the Veggietales characters, explaining God’s plan for salvation, sang with the children, prayed for them, and then led them in games outside the little church. Once the games were over and the prizes were claimed, dinner was served for everyone on a very long table.

Several new children attended, as well as many who sometimes attend the church. It was a great experience for our team and a blessing for the people of Tlapanaloya.

Children’s Day Picnic

The following day, Sunday, we hosted a church picnic on our property after service for all our children and their families. Each family took their own food and tablecloth or blanket and ate together as a family.

After a time of worship and ministry, I asked all the parents to spend a few moments praying for and ministering to their own children. It was indeed a beautiful thing to see mothers and fathers ministering to the spiritual needs of their families. Our theme came from Joshua 24:15, which says, “…but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”

The Veggietales performed their skit (which wasn’t seen the day before by the majority of our children), and one of our children’s church leaders treated the kids to several hours of her “fair games”, which included a large Jenga-type game, table soccer, bowling, and several others, which are typically found at traditional fairs in Mexico.

Formal Ladies Banquet

We often use the month of May to plan an event for mothers and ladies. On this occasion, Sara organized a formal dinner for the women of our church and several guests. We had Cheli López, a friend and minister from Mexico City, to minister to the women. She did a wonderful job teaching the Word of God.

It took a team of several people and many hours of planning and work, but the event was done with much excellence. I thank God for Sara and the team of ladies that put so much effort into this banquet.

Online Bible School

Online Bible School courses finished this past week, and the final grades were sent out today, June 7. We praise God for around 90 students who participated in Old Testament and New Testament Surveys, as well as our team of six facilitators who graded assignments and maintained contact with each group of students. We will be starting the next semester of classes in August.


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who prays for us or supports us. We appreciate you very much. I believe that we are a team, and together we work to reach the harvest in Mexico. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

David and Sara Lont

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