Ministry Update, February – March, 2017

Dear family, friends and supporters,

Greetings in the name of the Lord. It is good know and serve our Lord and God Jesus Christ! Here is a brief update on some of our activities over the last couple of months.

Prayer time at the end of our service on Sunday morning

Online Bible Courses

The week of the Advanced School of Ministry in Cuernavaca was also the week that we opened up enrollment for our online Bible School. Classes started on February 8 with four different courses and around 90 students enrolled from three different countries. We are believing the Lord for spiritual growth in all of our students and for new progress during this year as we record courses with some of the teachers of the Advanced School of Ministry Team. Our prayer is that we may reach hundreds of students throughout Latin America and perhaps Spain and other parts of the Spanish-speaking world.

Ministry in Tlapanaloya

Ministering to couples in Tlapanaloya

In February, we went as a family to minister in the small town of Tlapanaloya, where Sara and I preached to married couples. Daniel and Anna ministered the praise and worship, while Sara and I taught the group of around 15 to 20 couples. We spoke on “Marital Harmony” using illustrations from music to describe the type of marriage relationship God has designed for us. We enjoyed ministering to this very receptive group and believe the Word of God will produce fruit in these couples and their families.

Anna and Daniel ministering the worship at the meeting in Tlapanaloya

Visit to McAllen, Texas

Our spiritual mentors, Bill and Gerda Brown, hosted us and the Advanced School of Ministry team in McAllen for a week of planning meetings during the last days of February. We gathered with the team in a conference room to pray, review and plan for next year’s conference. It was a great time of refreshing for us and the team. We now have our plans and theme for the Advanced School of Ministry conference in January, 2018.

Couples coffees

Couples coffee

Over the last several months we have been doing a series of meetings for married couples with an emphasis on Biblical teaching on marriage. We have had many new couples join us for these meetings, and several of them have also come to church on Sundays as a result of these meetings. We are concluding this series in April.

Daniel and Benito ministering the worship

Looking to the harvest

As I have been seeking the Lord and studying, I’ve been feeling that the time of a greater harvest for Mexico is coming. We have been working in the local church for many years now, but we also believe that our local church is called to plant other churches. We believe that the time to do this is coming, so we’re working on plans for evangelism and outreach events in an effort to make this happen.

Our first outreach at this time will be in Tlapanaloya, where we will be doing evangelism with children and their parents in a special event for the children. This will be done in cooperation with the local church that we are helping there. After that, we plan on doing other evangelistic events in a community just outside Tulancingo where we hope to soon plant a new church.

Prayer requests

Please continue to pray for us, our family, and the ministry activities we are involved in. Here are some specific requests.

  • Please pray for the Lord’s direction as we prepare to work on a new harvest and a new church plant.
  • Please pray for our sons, David and Daniel, as they prepare for what the Lord has for their future.
  • Please pray for Sara, as she has been experiencing a few health problems.

Thanks so much for your prayers!

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