Visit to Tutotepec

Sharing toys and the Gospel in TutotepecSharing toys and the Gospel in Tutotepec
Sharing toys and the Gospel in Tutotepec

Last weekend we had a great trip with several people from our church to Tutotepec.

Tutotepec is a very small village in the mountains of the state of Hidalgo here in central Mexico. Sara and I had been there several months ago and saw the need of bringing the Gospel to this area and showing the people in the village the love of Christ.

On Friday afternoon our team went walking around the village inviting the people to come and see a movie in the evening. We had a good turnout for the viewing of the Courageous movie, which was shown in the backyard of the family which invited us. After the movie, I shared a little about the importance of being a good father, and being ready for eternity. Several of the people attending showed interest in knowing more about the Gospel. Our team shared tamales and coffee with everyone after the event and enjoyed talking to many people and getting to know them a little.

On Saturday, some of the ladies gave free hair cuts to those in the village who wanted this service. Some of the women hadn’t had their hair trimmed in years! At the same time, others went around the village giving away toys to the children and blessing families with a kilogram of free rice. Still others went to paint a house and do other “handy-man” jobs at some of the houses. Sara and I had the opportunity to counsel a few people as well. Our idea was to bless the people and show them the love of God, and not just preach to them.

The baker in Tutotepec
The baker in Tutotepec

We had a great time and see that the Lord is opening doors to minister to the people of this small mountain village. We hope to return with another evangelistic event in the coming months.

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