Pastor Leon and Audrey Visit Our Church

leon_audrey_familyLeon and Audrey arrived from Michigan on Thursday, May 24. I went to the airport with Ernesto, a brother from our church. Anna, our daughter, also went along. We brought them here to our house, as Leon and Audrey stayed at our visitor’s cabin. After resting on Thursday night, we took them to the village called Real del Monte (where Sara was born), on Friday, where we had lunch and walked through the downtown area, looking at the shops.

On Friday night, Leon began his series of messages on Biblical healing in our church in Tulancingo. The service was well attended, as he shared his first two messages on this subject. We were able to pray for several sick people who were present at the meeting. Audrey De Haan shared a message with the ladies at a breakfast meeting on Saturday morning. What a great breakfast! The church was full of ladies, many who had never been to our church before. Several received Christ Jesus as their Lord and Savior, and many others received prayer. Leon gave his last two messages on healing on Saturday night, which was also well attended. Several people gave their lives to Christ at the end of the series on Saturday night. All of his messages were very biblically based and doctrinally balanced. Leon enjoyed his tongue tacos (one of his favorite mexican foods) for supper after the meeting before heading back to the cabin to rest for the night.

desayunoWe had a great time with Leon and Audrey, and their visit was a tremendous blessing for our family and church. Praise God for their lives and ministry!We said our goodbyes very early, as Leon and Audrey left for the airport at 5:00 am on Monday morning to take their plane back to Michigan. Brother Ernesto and his wife drove them to the Mexico City airport, and then came back to our house afterward for breakfast.

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