Ministry Update, October – November, 2016

Women’s Conference in Veracruz

On Thanksgiving Day, Sara and a group of about 20 ladies from our church headed to the city of Veracruz for a women’s conference. Sara was one of the guest speakers for the conference together with Pastor Marjorie Mondragón (from the large church in Cuernavaca) and Pastor Paty Mora, of the local church in Veracruz. Together, the three of them ministered to a group of around 500 women who had gathered from several states in the region for a time of worship, prayer, teaching and other ministry.

Sara gave several conferences and her ministry was very well received. Also, the group of ladies who accompanied her were very blessed and came back with a renewed desire to serve the Lord.

Sara sharing in the women's conference in Veracruz, November, 2016
Sara sharing in the women’s conference in Veracruz, November, 2016

Ministry in Querétaro and Monterrey

preaching-in-queretaroSara and I had the rare opportunity to both be ministering at the same time in different cities. Sara preached in Monterrey while I was on a trip to Querétaro. We hadn’t exactly planned it this way, rather we had planned to be together in Querétaro with Pastor Martín Álvarez. However, our son, David Jeremiah, decided to take an entry exam at a university in Monterrey, and Sara went along with him on that trip, which was on the same weekend during which we were supposed to be ministering together in Querétaro.

Our friends and pastors Humberto and Rome Trejo received David Jeremiah and Sara into their home and asked Sara to minister in their church on Sunday. At the same time, I took Daniel and Anna with me to Querétaro and preached there at the church’s anniversary celebration.

Sara and David Jeremiah spend a few days in the area and were also able to take a short trip to the U.S. border, where they had breakfast with our dear friends and spiritual mentors Bill and Gerda Brown.

David Jeremiah with Bill and Gerda Brown outside a restaurant in Texas
David Jeremiah with Bill and Gerda Brown outside a restaurant in Texas

Couples Coffees

jaimecompartiendomatrimoniosOver the last couple of months we have been organizing a series of meetings for married couples with the title “Marriage – Design and Life”. Here’s how they work: Each table in our auditorium has a host couple who is in charge of inviting guests and following up on them. Our church provides the cake and coffee, the youth group is in charge of serving, and our leaders of the setup and teardown. The meetings are held the first Saturday of each month with a focus on building a Godly marriage.

Our first meeting went very well. The auditorium was almost full. Jaime and Aracely Marmolejo, pastors from Mexico City, shared a very animated message from the Word about marriage. They did team teaching, each taking turns on different subjects.

img_1127Our second meeting was held the first Saturday of December, and on this occasion Sara and I shared about the “Family Garden”, a theme comparing the family and marriage to planting and caring for a garden.

In both meetings we had many new couples, many of which had never gone to a church before. We pray that there may be lasting fruit in their lives and that these events continue to serve to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God.

Serving coffee

Book Translation

Our daughter, Anna, recently completed a book translation which will be printed and used at the Advanced School of Ministry conference in January, as one of the homework assignments. The book, written by Bible teacher Bill Scheidler in English many years ago, is about the ministry of the Apostles. Anna worked very hard on the translation during the months of September, October, November, and part of December. I went through her translation and edited it, but found that she did an incredible job, especially considering that this is her first translation and she is only 14 years old! I’ve had a couple of other people read through it to find errors and make corrections, but Anna has done about as well as any translator I’ve worked with!

David Jeremiah designed the book cover, so in many ways it was a family “team” effort. We pray this book will be a blessing for many of the pastors and leaders who attend the conference next month.

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