Fall Leadership Group Studies

During the Fall months, we have been having a weekly Bible study with our core leadership group each Tuesday night.  Our goal has been to seek the Lord, to establish Biblical leadership values in the hearts of our leaders, and to study the Scriptures which relate to church government.

Each week, we have had a meeting in our cabin to pray, read our study material and enjoy an informal dinner together.  It has been a time of growth in both relationships among our leadership members and in the Word of God.

During our time together, we have discovered many Biblical principles which we have then applied in our Sunday services and in the life of the church in general.  Our study of the area of church membership was especially edifying, both for us, as leadership, and for the church.  Many of the points that the Holy Spirit emphasized to us were later shared in messages to the congregation during Sunday morning services.

Besides these studies in our cabin on Tuesdays, we have also spent time weekly with all of our cell group leaders each Monday night.  During these meetings, we pray for each leader and I often share a teaching that has something to do with leadership or Christian doctrine in general.

Pastor Oscar, from the town of Cerro Colorado, and his wife have attended many of these leadership meetings with us, and it has definitely been a time of growth and spiritual edification.

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